Mother Echo started as a nameless & shapeless entity floating through the sea of creation that is L.A. Guided by the nature & nurture of the universe they formed into something substantial ... something with a life all its own. They learned the tribal dance of the drums, the vibrant strum of the guitar & the earth rattle of the bass. With a new knowledge of these three simple elements they formed a band whose core ideas and songs would be built on Melody, Energy & Volume.

Brian Amalfitano - Gtr/Vox

Mark Migdal - Drums

Thomas Padilla - Gtr



by Mother Echo

RiCHARd Dominguez (REd iii)

Mother Echo defined itself as the first of all sound waves at the beginning of time ... And holding the match that set off the Big Bang - with a mischievous smile across his face - as always, stood Richie. He was there at the start of it all pushing the volume of the universe up to 11. He was a low end sub woofing frequency oscillator ... Making your brain hum and rattle like no other.
He is indescribable to us - now floating somewhere in the cosmos with the muses and music gods before us. And he belongs their with them - the legends we loved - the ones who gave him his gift. Because he shared his gift with us as well. I admired him well before he helped me form this band. And without him this band of brothers wouldn't have existed as log as it did. When I was tempted to ever quit he told me he'd stick by my side writing until we found more people like us.
I hear him still ... In between the notes. In the pockets of silence I catch quick glimpses of him peaking through. Richie is still in the flow of it all. I find myself thinking "How can I make this part more Richie ?" Of course no one ever can. He was supernatural, unique, singular. I might never be able to experience a person like him again. He is made from the same thing that legend, myth & folklore are made of to me. Someone we will tell our children about when we celebrate his existence as we join to eat, drink and play songs together.
He loved the process of creation. Music healed, music taught, music focused and pushed us to build from nothing. We grasped at universal matter together and out of thin air we made something we could enjoy. If you didn't share our love of music then we thought of you as alien. It seemed so foreign to live without sound for us.
Now, every day that I breathe and create something, he sneaks into my thoughts to remind me of how strange the muse and he are ... were - the fact that we have to change our language to past tense hurts me when I speak about him. I think it's because Richie is still very much present with us all. I don't know a single soul who could say something bad about him. Everything he did was with love. Everything he created was with love. He gave you what he could whenever he could and even when he couldn't afford to do it.
Richie is someone I will never forget ... He's in the melody, he's in the rhythm, he's hidden in the low end. He is a song I play on repeat constantly in my head. And to tell you the truth he might be one of the only songs I hope will stay with me, you, us ... forever. We miss you. We love you.
R.I.P Richard Dominguez (R.E.D. III)